28 May 2013

A bag of love

A week with no kids talk. That's the best I can do. So, here I am again, the mommy me, sharing the motherhood joys with you. 

Today, when I arrived at kindergarten Cristian had a surprise : a shopping bag that he drew on for me

I always enjoy his drawings but what really surprised me were his choices. So let me decipher for you what you can see on the bag from top left:
  • a swimming pool with a springboard
  • a perfume
  • a pair of boots
  • a jeep ( I think this was more for him)
  • a necklace
  • a bracelet
  • a cake 
  • a magic hat
  • and some letters with no meaning 
What more could I ask for?!( I think he didn't draw a bag cause even a 4 year old can see that I have more than enough.)

Everything was magic for me but it got even better. When I kissed my boy good night I thanked him again and he said back at me : "Mommy, I made this out of love for you"

What is great about the infinite love we give our children is that it comes back in the most beautiful and unexpected forms.

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!

P.S.1  the first photo is a class project they did with recycled materials
P.S.2  the "Mommy, look what I drew for you" bag is sponsored by ING insurance


  1. Great story :)
    He was very creative and drew lots of nice things