28 April 2013

Weekend highlights

Another weekend is over, a pretty good one I might say, so I thought I share with you my favorite moments of the weeked

1. With Cristian

Friday afternoon after I picked the boys from kindergarden/daycare we went to a parc close to our house. Cristian made friends with a boy that was up and down one tree. I watched him from a distance looking at the boy, as I was running around Tudor. He didn't have the courage to try it on his own so I felt I needed to step in. I went to Cristian to encourage him and just be around in case he lost ballance. He only needed my help the first time and after that he went "George of the jungle" all the way.
He was proud. I was proud and I realized that my little boy is slowing growing into a little man

2. With Tudor

Saturday morning Cristian left with his grandparents for an early Easter vacation. So me and Tudor had some quality time just the 2 of us. We took a long walk in the sun and stopped at the mall. He was so happy to see the fountain there, to ride a car and play with his ball while I was enjoying a frappuccino.
The nicest thing about this was seeing people playing with him, opening up so quickly to a little boy running around. I caught a few minutes on camera, an amateur video I must warn you ( I am even sneezing at some point)

3. With A.

A brought me flowers this weekend from the farmer's market, lilac.

source: danamatei-idei.blogspot.ro
4. With me

Spending the weekend with just one kid in the house gave me some time to enjoy on my own. In addition to blogging I went to one of my trusted sources of joy and relaxation: TV series. I just found out about "Brodchurch" and it managed to exceed my expectations. I will tell you all about it tomorrow.

As I was writing this I even got some fireworks outside my window. And fireworks are so special for me like the sky is smiling at me and I am always smiling back at it.

How was your weekend?

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