20 April 2013

Supergirl and the perfect breakfast

Mornings are special.
You know what they say: it takes 7 seconds to make a strong first impression.
I say it takes an hour in the morning to set the tone for a good day.

My ingredients for an excellent morning are: running shoes, a dog, water and the perfect breakfast.
The recipe: run for 20-30 minutes, take the stairs not the elevator back home, walk the dog to slow your breath after the run, have a relaxing shower and the perfect breakfast afterwards.

Don't get me wrong, I love an English breakfast in the morning but my favourite is sweet, healthy, easy to make and guilt free. All you need is: some fruits (I mostly use apples), a tablespoon of tahini, cereals. I also use a blender because I like the fruits better as puree.


 This may not look delicious but it surely is:

The breakfast was good but running was even better. I was so thrilled to figure out a way to do this without taking any time from my time with the kids. I felt like a supergirl with a super day ahead.

What is your perfect breakfast?

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