24 April 2013

Summer dreams

Although we are in the midst of spring, the sun and the longer days have me thinking about summer already. Unlike other people I don't like taking a vacation in summer. I believe summer is great as it is, since the long days can fit both work and pleasure. The pleasure of a long afternoon spent outside prolonged into the warm summer night.

It's not that you need any special equipment to enjoy the sunny season but some things can make it all even better:

A gray long dress
I've got my mind set on a gray dress since last summer but we haven't met just yet. Maybe I get better luck this year. Gray is my neutral of choice in the summer cause it goes well with all colorful accessories. Long means carefree to me. You don't have to warry that your legs aren't tanned. You don't have to worry about styling either. Cause you just throw it on and you're good to go. That's why I love dresses so much.
Source: macys

The perfect platforms
Ed hardy Mariners Black
A rocking chair in my balcony
This one is from the Ikea summer catalog

The perfect bag
The rope details look very summery to me and they go well with the Mariners, don't you think so?

What about you, are you also thinking about summer? And let me know if you find a nice long gray dress in a good price.

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!

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  1. A rocking chair on a porch sounds so nice! I'm definitely looking to a lot of evenings spent grilling and relaxing on my balcony.

    Kristina does the Internets

    1. This sounds great. Unfortunately my balcony is not that big but I am sure I can find room for the chair.

  2. Im loving that bag!! Such a vintage-y feel, and it seems like the perfect size for beach essentials as well :) I like your list!! A maxi is on my to-get list too!



  3. I wanted to order it last summer and I changed my mind. A couple of days ago, also, until it was out of stock. I hope 3rd time is a winner.