10 April 2013

Style tips from "The Sartorialist: Closer"

To show you how profound I am, out of the 5 books I got from Amazon , I'll start with the review of the one that consists mainly of pictures: "The Sartorialist: Closer". The photos in the book do speak a thousand words that add up into a valuable style lesson.

Here is what I read between the lines/pictures:

1. Wear the clothes you have in a way that fits you best. Designer's clothes can make it all easier but you can be equally stylish wearing "normal" clothes:

2. Be slim; there is not a single overweight person in the book. This may feel unfair at first but the truth is : care for what you wear needs to be extended to care for your figure

3. Leather pents are a must - I have to buy myself ones asap

4. and since we are talking about Garance, another thing I noticed: you need to have a "je ne sais quoi" to wear hats gracefully

5. Heels can take an outfit to the next level, the stylish level:

6. Bare legs and backs are sooo hot

7. I don't know what style is but it surly isn't playing matchy match

8. ...and it's not giving into trends either

9. Back to shoes - your perfect pair of shoes can make you feel like you have a kind of a superpower. The Balenciaga sandals below would surely make me feel like I can conquer the world. They are making me dream now, which I also enjoy a lot:

10. Effortless chic is a myth, that's what Scott says and I couldn't agree more. The hard choice should be made outside the closet when shopping. Cause, later, if you only have things that complement you, wearing them can't go wrong.

In addition to all of the above, self-confidence and a killer smile are the perfect accessories one can put on. And the perfect pair of shoes, let's not forget about them. Haha!

Whenever you feel stylishly challenged pay a visit to The Sartorialist and you will surely find inspiration there.

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!

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Photo credit: The Sartorialist

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