12 April 2013

Spring essentials

I am already thinking about summer, how about you?
Until then, spring is here in all its beauty: blossom trees and sun on one side and chilly mornings and rain on the other.

What do we really need to to feel good in the spring no matter the weather? A vacation would be my first choice. Not an option yet, so here below are my favourite items this spring that make me feel comfy and ready to face the world in spring:

1. Ankle boots
I like them better in suede. Mines are from a  Zara shop in Barcelona, so they have a little vacation touch also. To tell you the truth A. hates them, I don't know why. I really like them and they go well with sun and rain too.

2. My leather jacket
I have it for 6 years now and it's also a souvenir from the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul. It's already customised by Griza, our cat, cause one day she found her way in the closet. I don't mind the few scratches.

3. Sunglasses
They keep my eyes wide open in the sun to be able to enjoy the spring's nature coming to life.

4. Cashmere shawls
They can be your best friend on a chilly morning, or on a night out. I use them also on my kids when the late afternoon finds us outside or in the mornings when it's colder than I expected. These are really a spring must have for me.

What are your spring essentials?

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!


  1. Those boots are great! I really like your blog and I'm glad that I found it! I was wondering if you could maybe help me out actually, I got nominated/shortlisted down to the final 10 to win a blogging award in my city (I'm from the countryside of England) and I would absolutely love to win as I never win anything, so would you be able to vote for me? It takes less than 5 seconds and the voting icon is just on the top right sidebar of my blog. It would mean so much to me! Thank you :) :)


    1. Always glad to help. I voted for you.
      Your blog name is very beatiful and poetic and I like your blog too!