16 April 2013

Spring DOs

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I love all the seasons cause each one holds a special meaning in my heart. Spring for me is about rebooting. I see it as a gift - a special time to start fresh and reinvent yourself for the better.

Here are my plans for this spring, some already taken care of, some in progress and others - I can't wait to check them off the list:
  • edit my closet so that my mornings are a whole lot easier with fewer choices to make (checked)
  • eat all the leaves/veggies I can get; my favourites are radishes, lettuce, parsley and ramsons/wild garlic (leurda in Romanian). All together make a great salad.
  • have a picnic and/or barbecue
  • take long walks in the park
  • get into running regularly ( I was inspired by Claire from House of Cards when I started this, now I can only hope it will turn into a habit)
  • plan a vacation or a short getaway
  • go to a concert, mine will be Depeche Mode - my favourite band in the world since I was around 12
  • eat strawberries
  • stare at the sky from under a magnolia tree

What are your plans for this spring? How will you make the most of it?


  1. Sounds like a good list for Spring. I tend to start most seasons by taking stock of my wardrobe and editing out anything I no longer like. AH strawberries! Yum. Heading into winter I'm looking forward to things like drinking hot chocolate in front of a warm fire.

    1. Same for me with winter plus snow and Christmas.

  2. Love these ideas! MY favorite is getting into running! I did my first half marathon last year and it was one of the best experiences I've ever had....coming from a girl that never ran! This spring I'm going to go to the beach, have some romantic bonfires with my husband and go camping :)

    1. This sounds great. Unfortunately, our beach is 3 hours away.
      I really hope I will stick to running too. Who knows maybe a marathon someday. I'm sure it is very rewarding.

  3. perfect! i'm editing my closet now actually!

    xoxo from nyc & http://www.the-beautiful-things.com

  4. Good for you! It will surely make your life easier afterwards.