3 April 2013

Life in plastic, it's fa...

Do you remember that Aqaua song "Barbie Girl"?! It was 1997, I was a teenager and the song was played in all the discos. "Life in plastic, it's fantastic" so they said, nowadays life in plastic is fashionable too.

Melissa - from Viviene Westood to Karl Lagerfeld

As far as I know plastic was taken to a new level when Melissa started the collaboration with Viviene Westood. After 5 years they are going strong, new and old models are still available like VW Lady Dragon Wing:

This year Karl Lagerfeld announced his collaborates with Melissa  and here is the first range consisting of four different autumn/winter 2013-14 styles. Just like this, plastic was taken to a new level.

Plastic on the catwalk

Karl used plastic in his latest Chanel collection as many other luxury brands did. I wander how they all end up with similar material inspiration. I guess I will never find out. Let's just enjoy the latest designs from the shoe masters: Chanel, Christian Lauboutin and Manolo Blahnic via Harper's Bazaar

...and many others like:

Charlotte Olympia

Source: huffingtonpost


Source: saksfifthavanue

Convinced already? Are you going to give it a try this summer? I believe I would, but the hard part will be to find an affordable pair that doesn't look cheap. Let me know if you find any.

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!

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