8 April 2013

Lessons from the "Life of Pi"

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 "Life of Pi" is a beautiful and spiritual story. One that I really enjoyed watching even though the action is slow and I get bored easlily. Moreover, my patience was fully rewarded by a nice twist in the end. One that has people debating and talking and that, for me, is the clue to a great piece of art.

I don't want to talk about movie facts cause, if you haven't seen it already, I want you to enjoy it as much as I did. What I want to share with you are the lessons I have taken out of the movie:

  • Earth is such a beautiful place with all its extraordinary creatures.
  • A good marketing campaign can turn you from being bullied to being respected, even if your name is Piscine. You just need strength, perseverance and creativity.
  • If you have a fortunate life you can loose it all in seconds.
  • What we need to survive is less than we ever thought of. It was a nice reality check for me especially since it was one day before pay day. I am referring here to material stuff.
  • What we need to survive spiritually is more than we ever considered. In crisis times Faith is what we really need. When we doubt ourselves we need all the Gods to believe in.
  • We can have 2 stories for a certain event in our lives and they can be both true on different levels.
If you want to read more about the 2 stories you can find a nice debate here especially in the comments section.

The end left me to wander and this is what I like best about a movie. For me the tiger is secondary in the film. I see it as a metaphor for the hardships of life. We can be taken down by the harsh reality or we can overcome it with the help of faith and a nice story.

I would love to know your thoughts on the movie.

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!

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