4 April 2013

If I had all the money in the world #2

Today I had a demanding day at work. In an attempt to loosen up this afternoon I went to one of my daily reads: http://onequalitythefinest.com/. What I found there was indeed of the finest quality and it got me dreaming a nice dream. A gateway. A continuous vacation. Say it as you want to...

The ultimate home in the ultimate setting

Our family moved last year so we are already having the appartment we longed for but I wouldn't mind a second home in Monaco's Odeon Tower. No more talking, let's dream this together:

Imagine you wake up in this bed

Or you are a guest and you slept in this bedroom

 You go breath the saulty air and enjoy the view from the balcony...

...take a shower ...

...have breakfast here...

and relax at the pool afterwords.

If you really have all the money in the world you can swim in your own pool in the Sky penthouse. The penthouse has more than 3300 square meters over 5 floors and the pool below:

For the right price you can live here in 2014, so start saving big, I 'll just stay dreaming.

Would you like to live here? What would be the ultimate house for you and where?

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!

Credit photo: odeon.mc

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