29 April 2013

Anyone packing for the seaside?

Hi there, how are you today?
We are one day away from the 1st of May - the day when the summer season is opening here in Romania. So I am curious: are you packing already your bathing suit? Not that you need any packing for the 1st of May or even a bathing suit for that matter.

The latest Vama video/song put me in the mood for a get away at the seaside but I have other plans for the following days.

So, I was saying that going to the seaside for the 1st of May is a tradition here especially among the youngsters. I think next year it will be the right time for my boys to be initiated, what do you think?

I was also saying that Vama has a new song and I warn you that, even though you don't have any plans already, you might change your mind after seeing this video.

Did you hear my sigh? The fire and the singing at the end are the coolest thing.
So I'm thinking now's the time to ask again: any plans to go to the seaside for the 1st of May?


P.S. I will be away for the following week so I will be less present on line, more present in vacation. But, then again, I don't think I can stay away from this that long and I got to tell you about Broadchurch asap.

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