7 March 2013

Walk and shop

Today was a great day. I took half day off to spend some quality time with my big boy and we had a blast. I'll tell you all about it soon. Unfotunatelly, at some point in the afternoon I got really mad (yeah, I can do that, I'm human) and I needed a silver lining palybook. A strategy that would give me my zenitude back.

First step, I took a 15 minute walk to the mall. It was very efficient in taking away my anger but not enough. I entered the mall and luckily today was also pay day. Hurray! Money can't buy love but they can surely buy nice things. An impulsive buy or a couple of them can be a girl's good friend. Let me tell you mine:

1. An unexpected find :

A book at H&M by Tachen. A coffee table tome "Ads of the 20th century. 365 Day by Day. A year in pictures." It has great ads and nice quotes, one of each for each day of the year. I will gladly share them with you in the future.

Parfois bag and Tachen tome

2. A very expected item

A bag but of course. I'm addicted. To TV series and bags. I wander if there are support groups for these 2 types of addictions. If anyone else is interested maybe I should start one.
Anyways this bag spoke spring-ish to me and even summer-ish, I had to bring it home with me. And I did.

Eugene Hutz said: "For me fashion is nothing more than a spontaneous antidepressant" (Tachen "Ads of the 20th century").

Little by little, with a new bag and a nice book, 200 ron/45 euro out of my card, I started to feel zen again. It was money well spent, don't you think so? I wander if the cost of a psichologist visit is similar. But I wouldn't get a bag and a book out of that. Haha...

What I should keep in mind: the next time I get so angry it may not be pay day. I need an escape fund to get me out of emergency situations like the one today.

Do you have an emergency escape fund? How do you cope with anger and make it go away? You visit my blog and enjoy yourselves, right :) ?

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!

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