7 March 2013

Steaua Bucuresti, we are the champions!

Big game tonight. Steaua won over Chelsea. I was there to watch. Big pleasure!

Let me tell you how it all started for me. When I was a little girl my mom let me pass my bed time to watch Steaua games together. My father was not a supporter so it was just us, the girls. I even remember the game and the happiness we shared when Steaua won the European Cup in 1986. I was only 6 then but, somehow, the memory stayed with me over the years.

Tonight was my second time ever on a stadium and the first one was long time ago, sometime in college, in my hometown, Pitesti. I am so happy I decided to go see Steaua playing against Chelsea. The final score was 1:0. It is hard to describe the feeling there. It's like everybody unites and the stadium becomes one powerful force that even Chelsea couldn't handle.

Source: mediafax.ro

While waiting for the match to start one magazine title said: "Let there be magic". And it was.
I called my mom after the game. We were both very happy, just like we were 27 years ago when Steaua was the European champion. Some things never change! Same goes for Steaua -it was, is and will be the best!

Forza Steaua!

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!

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