16 March 2013

Puff of Pleasure

La vie est belle. La vita e bella. Life is beautiful. La vida es bella.
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We are all saying this from time to time and Lancome is also making this statement. And in a very exquisite way. I was reading through Elle when I saw a little envelope glued to a Lancome add. The nostalgia of a written message sent in an envelope was an instant charmer so I grabbed it right away. I opened it and there was another envelope inside. That one with a scented pink message.

The scent was exactly what I long waited for. A new summer fragrance. Pity there is only one Christmas a year, no Santa to write to. Lucky me, I have my birthday as soon as the summer starts. I think this would make a great birthday gift, don't you think so? I have this crazy idea that it's no fun buying perfumes, it's almost like receiving them enhances the pleasure...

Let's do one thing together. You can't close your eyes cause you need to read but, picture this:

The alarm clock is ringing. You jump out of bed or maybe you have a hard time waking up. You find something great to wear for the day or you just quickly throw whatever you find on.Your hair looks great or maybe you have a bad hair day. Eitherway, there is a puff of pleasure that you spray on and that says: La Vie Est Belle!
And you carry it with you all day long, making your life even more beautiful.

This is music to my years! I can't wait for this little fantasy to be real and part of my life.

What about you? What is your summer scent? Mine will definitely be "La vie est belle" from Lancome.

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!

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