20 March 2013

Magic kisses

When you are a mom, there are happy mornings and there are challenging mornings. One can never know how your day starts. I have about 30 minutes to wake the kids and get them ready for daycare/kindergarten, but even so, I do my best to make the most of them.

Today we were having a kissing session while I was dressing them. Tudor, my little one, had no socks on so I took advantage of his little bare feet and kiss them while I put his pants on. In return, he gave me his hands cause obviously they wanted a little attention too. Cristian quickly jumped in, giving me his hands and I was also kissing his bare feet. We were all having fun when Cristian said:

"- N-o sa ma mai ating de nici o apa la maini si la picioare.
 - De ce, iubi? (am intuit putin ce va urma, dar raspunsul lui a fost peste asteptari)
 - Ca-mi plac pupicii tai. Sunt magici!"

The translation:
- My hands and feet won't touch any water
- Why is that? (I anticipated a little bit why, but the answer exceeded my expectations)
- Cause I  like your kisses. They are magic!

This sounds much like a pick-up line that bigger boys would use. So, next time you hear something similar, think again, it may actually be heart felt.

Here below is the "poet" with his new haircut

There are no words to describe the warmth that my heart felt from that second on. It stays with me even now, hours later, as I am writing this. It was only after that I found out today is "International Day of Happiness". I was lucky to get my share of happiness early in the morning so I can smile at the memory all day long.

Happy International Day of Happiness!

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  1. Ce dragut!


    1. Da, o sa vezi si tu in curand ca e si mai frumos cand "joci la dublu"