12 March 2013

Joy Jar #4

Every week I  put in a joy jar the special things that make me happy. Allow me to remind you the "philosophy" behind:
This is a blog about life's little pleasures. Cause life is precious and we should cherish every minute of it. Enjoying every minute is a tough job, a little utopic too. How about one minute a day? This is doable, right?! Choose at least one minute, each day, when you are fully present doing something you enjoy. You can do that! This way, at the end of the day you go to sleep with a smile on your face. You didn't just live but you enjoyed living.

Last Friday, the 8th of March, we celebrated International Woman's day. Here below are special things I received as a gift or coincidentally on the occasion:

1.My blogger business cards that make me feel one step closer to fulfilling my dream

2. A Chanel-like cardigan  that is a perfect match for a nice elephant brooch I received as a martisor

 3. A new phone - a burgundy one. As you can see I am more excited about the colour than about its features. What I am also excited about is being able to check my blog without having to open my big laptop at home or even on the go, in the metro. So, count on me, I'll be closer, faster and more enjoyable, I hope.

4. The cards I received from my sons. When you have kids in daycare/kindergarten this is a sure thing. Even so, I was soo looking forward to receiving  them. They have their special place in our bookcase and I can easily picture myself going through them when I am old and the kids are out of the house. With a big smile on my face...

Bonus joy: a power outage. Yeah, this can be fun, let me tell you how. Firstly, Cristian was very excited to walk around the house with a candle in his hands. I personally enjoyed the time away from any electronic device. We all cuddled in bed and spent quality time together.

How do you fill your joy jar these days?

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!

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