1 March 2013

House arrest

I am under house arrest for robbing a bank.

Not literally, but let me tell you a nice little story that involved both and you'll learn how one led to the other...

Let's start with the house arrest. My kids got sick sometime mid last week. Since last Thursday afternoon we have been at home, me taking care of them and and also catching some sort of a virus in the meantime. No need to bother you with any other details.

Anyways, at some point I was starting to feel a little bit bored and underjoyed. Times like this I instantly ask myself: What can I do right now to feel better? Not many options available but, as I like to think, there is always a way. My way out came with the fact that I needed to take our dog out. So I thought about one of my most "go-to" pleasures - magazines. I had a plan, buy some new ones, but no cash.

Another question popped: Where can I find cash? The bank, of course, but it was further than the news stand. I was still on searching mode when I realised I had a bank of my own at home. Not really a bank and not mine but it had cash in it. Yes, the piggy bank of my kids. Tudor was taking his afternoon nap, lucky him, but Cristian was there... Lucky me, he was paying attantion to Thomas, the engine tank. I made sure he was looking away and I robbed the piggy bank. I'm a bad mother, aren't I?! I will put them back in no time, I promise.

Everything else went smoothly from that point on. I bought one Elle cause I read it every month, one Story for the gossip and one Glamour to make me feel younger. I haven't have the time to read them yet, just read through them a little bit. But this joy pill worked and I surely felt better under house arrest.

Tomorrow I will finally leave the house. I'll tell you all about it soon.

Have a wanderful spring!

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!

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