9 March 2013


When I started this blog I wanted to be anything but about my kids. It was supposed to be my personal pleasure, my secret getaway. But I am a mom and I love it. And sometimes I am so happy that I cannot help but share it with you.

This week, I was invited by mamicaurbana and MikoKids to try some of the classes that MikoKids has to offer. I jumped at the opportunity to spend some quality time with Cristian and we had a blast. Tudor didn't come with us cause it was around his afternoon nap and I also didn't know that the activities were suitable for toddlers also. Turns out that even babies are welcomed starting at 3 months. Can you believe it?

The fun started with "Learn with music" a programme from USA that teaches English through music, games and exercising. Our teacher was Daisy (Dana Toma) and what I liked best about her was the close attention she payed to each kid, adapting the class to fit their particular needs.

The instruments and the games are changing with every song so no chance even for the little ones to get bored. And you can even take the fun home with you cause each family receives a CD and book to listen, enjoy and practise when signing for this class.

We had a healthy and delicious snack afterwards from Miko Palace Cafe to recharge the batteries for the Gym class that followed (not that kids show lack of energy, ever!)

The "Gym" class was more of a free-style one with kids running and climbing around, having fun.

The last part was the "Arts and crafts". A picture speaks a thousand words so here is what Cristian crafted. The smiles in our picture together - he "crafted" them too.

 Here is the happy crowed at the end:

On our way out Cristian fed a carrot to the nice rabbit in the yard. Bye, bye, little rabbit! See you soon!

I took half day off to do this with Cristian and I must tell you that I had a great feeling of freedom and happiness to walk the streets with him hand in hand on a work day. Spending quality time with your kids is priceless, every parent knows this.

If you would like to learn more about MikoKids  you can visit their site here and I must tell you that first class is free of charge so, enjoy!

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!

Credit photo (minus last photo, third and forth to last): Adrian Nedea .

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