26 March 2013

Gopo Glamour

UK has the Golden Globes, US has the Oscars, we have our very own Gopo film awards. With plenty of glamorous outfits that we can enjoy from a distance. Without further comments I'll let the pictures speak. Here below are my favourites:

1. The nudes.
Ana Ularu in the first picture below is one of the best dressed for me. And I like her partner's outfit too.

2. From pink to velvet

3. The red and black couples
I particularly like the first lady for the dress but also for her short hair style. I am still trying to find the courage to cut my hair that short cause I am thinking of this for about 10 years now.

4. The all black couples
I like Anca Serea a lot, the lady in the picture below. One can't tell but she has 3 children, one baby under 1

5. You know by now that I save my best for last. Dana Rogoz gracefully wore a Parlour by Veronica Zaharia dress. I follow her daily and admire her style. You can find more about the outfit directly from her blog here.

What was your favourite?

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!

Photo credit: apropo.ro
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