26 March 2013

Django Unchained


I am not a fan of Tarantino, I don't particularly like spaghetti nor westerns but "Django Unchained"  is just to my liking. They say it's a spaghetti western (an Italian western), I say it's half funny, half very violent and even romantic towards the end.

I don't know why movies keep getting longer and longer these days. Django is 2 h and 40' but even though I went to sleep at 2 am Saturday night I was happy to finally see a great movie. Here is why:
  • it was an interesting trip back in 1858 and as much as I enjoyed the reality check I am very glad I live in the days when a Obama is president of  US and not in that atrocious times of slavery;
  • the story is catchy and although I am a very "make love not war" type, I enjoyed the moments when justice was done
  • the dialogue in the first part of the movie is funny and very well written. Dr Schultz uses fancy words like aficionada and acolats. I particularly liked one of his time references: he was to partner with Django "till the snow melts" - sounded very poetic to me. Or how he explains things to Django "Valet is a fancy name for servant"
  • the second part is very explicitly violent. Lucky me I had a blanket around cause there were times I really couldn't watch and I am not talking about "the usual" blood.
  • Speaking of blood there is a certain coherence in the movie: every time blood is splashed around it  is on white: cotton flowers, horse, snow, doors, walls, curtains.I always appreciate the attention to details.
  • Leo (diCaprio) was good too. For me his acting in a movie is a sort of a warranty that the movie is worth seeing.
  • the music is extraordinary. You can find full details on the soundtrack  here; these are the songs I am listening to  on repeat these days: Django, His name was king, Who did that to you. I've linked them to youtube for your listening pleasure.
  • Kerry Washington is a beautiful lady. The picture below is from the London premier of the film where she wore this stunning Giles dress. I wander if Tarantino picked the "horse" dress. Haha! If so, he also has great style.

Huffington Post says:"No single Hollywood film in the last decade has sparked the kind of controversy and wide-ranging response as Quentin Tarantino's latest, Django Unchained. Is Django racist? Some believe it is, some have said it's one of the year's best films and everyone seems to have an opinion on the film's larger impact" .

The sure thing is Django received one Oscar for Tarantino's screenplay and one for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role - Christoph Waltz (Dr. Schultz). I give it my Oscar for best movie of 2012.

Enjoy if you haven't seen it already!

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!

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