25 March 2013

Crème brûlée

Growing up, my mom used to make crème brûlée quite often and I liked it a lot. I made my first one in high school and I think it was the first dessert I ever made. Over the last 16 years I added Tiramisu to my sweet cooking experience so you can easily see the "huge" progress I've made so far. 

Anyway, the little I'm doing is very tasty and, if you like it you should definitely try this "at home". It's the easiest thing you can do. Here below is the recipe that I have from my mom and that was tested successfully for hundreds of times now:
- 6 spoons ( 150 gr) of sugar for the caramel syrup
- 8 spoons (200 gr) sugar for the composition
- vanilla; I used a Bourbon Vanilla Sugar mini pack
- 8 big eggs
- 1 liter of milk

For the caramel syrup: take a 2 liter pot and put 6 spoons of sugar. Stir over low heat until it almost comes to boil. Move the caramel around in the pot so that it covers the pot walls half way to the top. Leave it to cool.

Beat the eggs (yolks and whites), sugar and vanilla in a mixing bawl. Gradually add the milk. Poor the mix in the pot half covered in burnt sugar and put it in the preheated oven, medium heat. Leave it there for about 40 minutes until it is set but still trembling in the center.

It is normally served at room temperature but I like it better when it's cold, right after I take it out of the fridge.

This recipe is a little different from the classic one you can find here but we like it better with the caramel syrup melting around than with it incorporated in the custard.

I guess this is Domestic Goddess 3, you can find 1 and 2 here and here! Enjoy!

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!

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