13 March 2013

Can women have it all?

Somewhere across the big blue ocean somebody is starting a revolution. Or so she says.
Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook, has just launched a book "Lean in". The book is about women in the workplace. The problem according to Sandberg might just be women themselves:

One of her recommendations is to pay close attention when we choose the man in our life. What we need is a true partner to support our ambitions and do his share of housework. Apparently it is statistics that families where men do the laundry get to colour more.   

A wave of criticism has been hitting her ever since the book was released. Woman are arguing that not everybody has similar resources to hers and many more. According to The Guardian book review :
"This is not a book about how women can become more equal: this is a book about how women can become more like Sheryl Sandberg. You will be able to decide relatively fast how plausible a goal this is."

Nevertheless, she is determined to start a revolution and the platform she is using is leanin.org with high emphasis on mentoring and support groups for woman.

My opinion is that we all have hopes and dreams and I think we should do our best to turn them into reality.

Not everybody wants to be COO of Facebook and we don't "have it all". However, each of us, woman or man, is entitled to happiness. If this book can be a kick in the ass to make you take a step forward, closer to your dream, I think it's worth reading more about it.

"Women attribute their success to working hard, luck and help from other people. Men will attribute ...the same success to their own core skills" Sandberg says. What do you think?

You can see a full coverage and interview with Sheryl from CBS news here or on youtube for better performance. I encourage you to take 12 minutes to see it and then decide what side are you. Enjoy!

Are you a revolutionary? Do you think you should change the way you act in the workplace?

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!

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