7 February 2013

Valentine's gift dream

Dali + Gala=L from Love

I recently read a very interesting article on the fascinating life of Salvador Dali. You can find it here, on Harper's Bazaar site. It includes some details of his unconventional marriage with Gala. As friends later reported Dali was mad about Gala. He dedicated his work to her and even signed works "Gala Salvador Dalí". She dedicated her life to him. He invented a secret alphabet for her: the Daligram. You can find more about it here .

Source: Lancel.com

Dali + Gala= L from Lancel Daligramme

Lancel interpreted The Daligram, an ode to passionate love, and in 1970s decided to create a Dali bag.

As Lancel puts it: "the original handle was inspired by a bicycle chain, and the bag itself is robust and joyful, recalling holidays and stolen afternoons. It’s the symbol of sincere devotion between two energies going in the same direction. A sculpture, a secret, an icon. Embossed with sensual, luminous and fetish letters. The Dalí. is one fragment of a beautiful legend. And it is a love story in itself, revealed by Lancel".

The bags from the current collection are great and so are their names: Dalidol, Dalichic, Dalifun, Daligala, Dalidream, Daliglam, Dalistory, Dalisecret, Dalinight, Dalirious, Daliscretion, Dalicious. You can view the entire collection here .

Lancel Dalidol limited edition

A bag, a piece of art, a symbol of love. What more could a girl ask for?!

What would be your dream for Valentine's day gift?


  1. gorgeous!

    xoxo from nyc & http://www.the-beautiful-things.com

    1. Glad you liked it. What would be the perfect gift for you?

  2. Omg, j'adore sac lancel tellement! J'aimerais posséder un!