12 February 2013

P!nk - it's my new obsession

Yeah, yeah, we all know the Aerosmith's song, Pink. Very cute. And I used to wear pink a lot when I was young. I am a grown up now and I haven't got past the pink obsession but this time is with P!nk and particularly with her last song Try and everything related.

Have you seen the video ?! Thanks to it I managed to get Living together out of my head. I am kind of obsessed with "Try" for a thousand reasons.

The song is great and the lyrics are aligned with my life philosophy, "you've gotta get up and try try try". And it is all dancing. I love dancing myself or watching others that do it far better than me. I like Shakira's "Did it again" but this one is even better. The energy between the 2 is so intense. The love story that is portrayed is inspired by Apache dance. "The dance moves appear to be a metaphor for the ups and downs of love and relationships, with violence, tenderness, aggression and remorse all interpreted" Dailymail reports.

Don't even get me started on Colt Prattes, the dancer. He's my new perfect man, all in one. Sorry, Ashton, you are no longer my number one. Could it be that I am the first one that dumps Ashton (or the fantasy of him to be more precise)?! I told you I'm a grown up now so I like more mature men like Colt. Colt is a Broadway actor, with a perfect body and a nice face to go with it. He looks very powerful alongside P!nk and they look so passionate together.

Apparently she revealed on her Twitter page: 'My mom, after seeing the new video... "Wow, honey. I'm speechless. And uncomfortable. No one can ever say you play it safe." When did playing safe get anyone that far?

I've always liked P!nk and I totally agree with her that this video is the "best ever". You can see a nice live performance with perfect Colt included, here.

Do you like the video? What about Colt? Who is your perfect fantasy these days?

Remember: A joy a day keeps the doctor away!