11 February 2013

What big boys are for

This weekend we were up in the mountains, and we had a great time, and a great weather and I was going to blog about it. Last minute, I decided to postpone to make room for a nice little story that happened when we got back home.

As I told you before, Sunday night is manicure night for my boys and I use my nail polish collection to distract my little one in order to get the job done. When it was C's turn he asked me to paint my nails because he likes watching. I told him no as I didn' t have the time to wait for them to dry. He was very determined and even offered to blow over them to dry quicker. He only convinced me with the following line :
- Mom, you have to look good at work!

He was right and this was something I chose not to do lately because I couldn't find the time. So I said yes. And the styling began. Funny thing is we both set our eyes on the same shade so it was nice for us to be "working" together. And than he wanted to pick another colour, to paint them differently. I said no at first but, on second thought, why not?! I vetoed his second choice and third one was a winner - the red.

Afterwards as we were sitting down for C to drink his milk, he said to me:
- You really look good mummy; that's what big boys are for!
- What for ?
- For beauty. They tell you how to paint your nails: one hand blue and the other one red.

He went to sleep and I needed to stay away from the housework to get my nails dry. I ended up watching one episode of Elementary and one Suits with A. Thanks to my son a night of housework turned into a night of fun. Thanks, C !

I have so much to share with you - all my posts are planned for the following days. So, stick around and have a spectacular week filled with joy and love!

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