6 February 2013

Living together

No, this is not another "Love is in the air" post.  Rest assured, I have plenty planned for this month.
This is about how to make room for your life and for your love.

I had another surprise today. Yesterday it was from the radio, today was from YouTube. I wanted to listen to a nice song so I pressed the play button and moved to another page. The music I heard was different from what I chose. It surely caught my attention and took me back to the youtube page. It was an add. With great music. By IKEA.

"Why aren't we living, living together, instead of being so so far apart..."

  • The music is so nice. 
  • The clichees, I can really relate to: she has 12 pair of red shoes, he has tons of books.
  • The end is epic: he unfolds the couch, she smiles complicitly.
  • Bonus: I even like the dotted dress she is wearing and the camee ring. Soo dolly and aristocratic at the same time!

I can't remember the last time an add impressed me so much!
Is it just me or do you like it too?

Later edit: In case you are wandering, music is a Bee Gees cover sung by En Escape Plan


  1. Looooove it!!!!

    1. Funny thing is that, even this morning when I woke up, this music was playing in the back of my mind.