27 February 2013

Joy Jar #3

I think 3 is my lucky number cause I was born on the 3rd of June. And I will turn 33 this year.
But this is not about luck it's about joy and here below are the things that I enjoyed lately:

1. A memory - imortelles.

I told you here that I enjoy fresh flowers next to my sink; but weeks ago when I was at the farmer's market and I saw these imortelles something clicked. They spoke to me about my childhood and reminded me that my mother used to have them on the table in the living room all winter long. I had to bring them home with me. So, now, I don't have to buy fresh ones all the time. But, as spring is knocking at the door, snowdrops will take their place soon.

2. A treat - a take away salad.

Preparing and serving 3 meals a day and some snacks for my family is a challenge especially on weekends. So, last Saturday, I decided it was high time I got a treat. Although I had all the ingredients in the fridge I asked A. to bring me a salad. Just like this, lunch was served and I felt a little bit spoilt. And what a nice feeling that was!

3. Food for the soul - Seth Godin's blog

He is my inspiration and he paints the world in brighter colours for me. Here is one short sample/post

4. My scent - Shalimar, Guerlain. 

I took its photo next to the add that made me buy it. I think it was Natalia Vodianova, one of my muses, that convinced me together with the scented page Red had at some point. This is my choice for late fall, winter, early spring cause in the warm days I have another favourite. Still some weeks left to enjoy it.

What do you have in your joy jar these days?

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!

You can see all my joy jars here.

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