19 February 2013


Have you seen Elementary? It's nice and it gave me some ideas.
What could possibly inspire me about a TV series on a former drug addict that is a consultant for NYPD? Well, his partner, a sober companion , Lucy Liu. I like her a lot but I could settle with somebody else, too. No, no, no; not for staying out of drugs. I didn't even never ever smoke.

But, you know what they say "the sum of vices stays constant" . Definitely, I have some bad habits like eating biscuits, chocolate chips cookies and so on and so forth. I need to get rid of them and I was thinking that a sober companion can make this change easier. Anyone volunteers?

The thing is, I am hoping that announcing this on my blog will prevent me from making the same bad choices over and over again. Some say it works like this.

Habits are an interesting and big part of our lives. Apparently around 45% of our actions are habits. Things we just do.Charles Duhigg spent a lot of time researching this and you can read about his book "The Power of habit" here and also watch him on Good life project. The video is very enjoyable, I must say and useful too.

Duhigg says we can mediate the process of changing habits through decision making. Here are my decisions:
  • eating fewer sweets and only in the first part of the day
  • no eating none so ever after 7 pm
  • having healthy snacks like raw almonds (I really like them)
  • my cheat would be my daily coffee . Apparently we need to accommodate cravings so that they don't build up. My coffee is sweet that's why I consider it a cheat.

What about you? What are your bad habits? Anyone else in for the challenge of breaking them? We are stronger than our powerful habits, don't we?!

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!

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