5 February 2013

Good old radio

Sometimes I like to think that life has nice surprises for me "on purpose". This is the feeling I get whenever I have the chance to look at fireworks. I felt this today while we were driving the kids to day care, kindergarten respectively. Radio was on and I heard "Since I don't have you" sung by Guns N'Roses. It's my favourite song from them and I just found out that it is in fact a cover. Who cares?! I love it anyway. I don't even want to listen to the original.

The song doesn't matter much in the story. It matters for me because I enjoyed it a lot in my teen years. Now, although it is kind of a sad song I am sooo happy to hear it. Even more when I don't choose to play it but I listen to it on the radio.

What matters here is the "old fashioned now" radio. The songs are surely different according to your tastes but the surprise element is the icing on the cake and it is only specific to the radio. It's like a gift...and it was the joy of the day for me.

What do you think? Do you listen to the radio these days in the iEra (iPhone, iPod, etc)?

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