3 February 2013


Saturday night. I put my little one to bed and decide it was high time I watched my first movie with my big son. I thought C would like an action movie and so I picked Argo - the movie all the critics are praising. Obviously I'm not a film critic but let me tell you how I wasted a perfectly good Saturday night.

To begin with, C and I were all set:
  • an Oscar nominated movie (my guess, this year's lucky film winner) I thought would be a nice start for making my son a film savvy.
  • sticks and biscuits
  • a nice couch

Source: imdb

Apparently this was not enough. The start was promising - a riot, militants storming the U.S. embassy in Tehran, taking Americans hostage. I was under the impression this would be an action movie. I was very wrong, it was sooo slow. 30 minutes into the film C was sleeping next to me.

I thought to myself : brace yourself, you are not 4 anymore and this is Oscar material. I put all my strength together. But all my strength only took me half way into the movie. What's with movies these days?! They don't make 90 minutes movies anymore. Don't they know time is precious and rare?! Anyway, 1 hour and no action - the rescue operation to take home the six Americans who managed to slip away from the embassy hadn't begun. So, I gave up and chose sleep. Oh, what entertaining this was! My dreams, even though I can't remember them were much better than the movie, I'm sure.

Some say it's a comedy, others a thriller. The only thing I liked was Ben Affleck's act. However I am curios to know how the story unfolds for the second part of the movie. So, this is an open letter to you. Please tell me how did the rescue operation go, over a nice cup of tea or thorough comments here.

Oh, I am nostalgic for the years when American Beauty or Slumdog Millionaire were "trendy".

Have you watched any good movies lately?


  1. no!! i was so excited to watch this. it sounds like such a great movie.

    1. I'm glad you had fun. It's just a matter of taste. One can't please all, clearly and that goes for movies, too