29 January 2013

These boots are made for walking

Yeah, yeah, my new boots are made for walking because they are very comfortable. I like wearing heels but when they are not stilettos I enjoy them even more.
I bought a feeling again this weekend: a pair of Replay Brooch lace-up suede wedge ankle boots. A long name for a long pleasure because I will be wearing them a lot in the years to come.

Source: amazon.de

I also have a nice pair of stiletto sandals from Replay that I bought 6 or 7 years ago and I am waiting for the summer to take them out in the sun. So, trust Replay if they match your taste cause they make good shoes. And, no, they didn't offer me anything to praise them, they just deserve it. 

Got to go know. I have some styling to think of for my new boots. I will show you some outfits if, indeed, they are worth showing. No matter the result playing wardrobe stylist will be nice. So, let compliments come my way, don't be shy :)

Did you find any interesting pieces on this season's sales?
Enjoy your own styling for this week!

P.S. You can check my initial "I bought a feeling" story here .

Later edit: Turns out me and Andreea Esca have similar taste in boots. Proof can be seen here

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