27 January 2013

The perfect man

We all know perfection is not for us, the mortals. We need to settle with what we can find in this big beautiful world. I'm sure A will ask me after reading this: "So, are you saying I am not perfect?!" Perfection would be boring, I figure, but the following guys are anything but boring for me. I couldn't pick just one so, in an imagination exercise I will share with you my taste in men. Here below are my "must have"s:

1. Killer smile

On second thought I could make an effort to settle with Ashton Kutcher. I can't say exactly what I like about him, I just do. A lot. It's not like I know him and he has a great personality, blah, blah. I guess he's my perfect fantasy that I developed while watching his movies.
Don't worry about my marriage. A. knows about Ashton just like I know about his fantasy girl.

2. Good driver

Jason Staton is my action hero of choice mostly because of the driving skills he displayed in "Transporter" series. There's something very appealing for me about a man who drives well. Driving is about controlling and I like man to have the power to dominate me as well as they do with their car.

3. Excellent dancer

I am fascinated by dance in general and Daniel "Cloud" Campos is a very good dancer. He cought my attention in Shakira's "Did it again" video. I discovered later that I knew him even before that. He danced for Madonna in "Hung up" video and 2 of her world tours: Re-Invention and Confessions. He's cute and exotic, too...Did you hear my sigh?!

4. Confidence and intelligence

The intuitive skills Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) is showing in "The Mentalist" are quite attractive. When they are accompanied by confidence the mix is super hot.

5. The body

There are so many good examples for this. I will pick Robert Buckley. He looks very good with his clothes on in "Lipstick Jungle" but even better with his shirt off. Fortunately, this is how you will see him in the series most of the time.

What is your perfect man like? I would love to know.


  1. great post! SO sad that Lipstick Jungle was cancelled! It was such a great show!


    Erin @ http://www.truffles-ruffles.com/

  2. Yeah, I liked it a lot. Have you seen "Jane by Design" ? Unfortunately it was cancelled after the first season.