14 January 2013

The future of pick up lines

You may already know that I have 2 little boys aged 4 and 1. The big one says he wants to marry me and the little one just says "mama" and that's all I need to hear. Rather sooner than later they will be interested in other girls and I often think about my responsibility to make real men out of them. I may not have that much to worry about. Who am I kidding here, I've got a lot to worry about! That's the bad news. The good news is : chances are that pick up lines will be soon obsolete.

"Are you Google? Because you have everything I'm searching for" How stupid is that?! Ok, I admit it, the lines are also funny, as in a joke funny, but not when the joke is on you.

What's next? Screens. As in Samsung Youm Screens. You have a hard time picturing how all this will play out?! Let Samsung show you the way, or shall I say the future.

The video below is from CES 2013 and contains 2 parts: first one is a small tech presentation and the second part is a quick glance into the future. If you don't have 4 minutes, just watch starting with 2:15 but both parts are oh so interesting:

Aparently between hello and good bye all you need is an impressive Youm screen and the girl can be yours. At least for a first date. After that you need to show more than a screen, I imagine. 

The future looks promising, doesn't it?!

Enjoy both the video and the future!

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