14 January 2013

Sweet for my sweets - Tiramisu

This Friday we went to pick our boys from my parents cause vacation is over now and then we spent the weekend close to the mountains with friends.

The boys went out in the yard to barbecue and the girls stayed in the house to take care of the rest. I did my signature sweet - tiramisu. In case you didn't know already it is an Italian dessert and it means "lift me up". We remained with our feet on the ground but we surely enjoyed it. You can find the recipe I used here, on the Red magazine site.

So, I guess I can call this Domestic goddess part 2

Here are the ingredients:

2 tips I want to give you beforehand:
  • when folding the egg whites into the mascarpone, mix by hand. I used a mixer one time and I ruined it
  • make sure to chill for at least 6 hours in order to be able to cut it nicely.
And here is the result after I did my magic :)

You can easily guess why the finger trace on top of the cake. My son knows no blogger mom, so he couldn't wait to taste it, even though I told him I wanted to take a picture first.
Apparently my camera doesn't support its blogger owner either cause the tiramisu slice pictures were corrupted. So, if you want to see the result on the plate, try it yourself and the pleasure is guaranteed.

We are back in Bucharest. Home sweet home! I feel complete again, now that the boys are here. I've got a full house, did I mention  I have a dog and a cat too?!

Have a sweet week!

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