31 January 2013

Love is in the air

Valentine's day is two weeks away. Also our Romanian love day, Dragobete, is following 10 days afterwards. If you don't believe in any of these commercial or traditional special days you believe in love, don't you?! And love is worth celebrating all year round.  I, for one, can't wait for the 2 days when the streets will be filled with girls carrying flowers and because of that the city will be a happier place and more beautiful one too. 

If you are not already in the mood for love and celebrating it, I found Paperman. It is an Oscar -nominated short animation film from Disney that might change your mind. Convinced already?! Boys: Forbes says it is an Ode to paper airplanes, girls: I say it's sweet and romantic. Are ready to give it a try?! You can watch it here.

In addition to enjoying this nice film today I:
  • went out with my best friend
  • had a nice vanilla rooibos tea at Starbucks
  • took my dog for a walk when I came home
  • saw the big dipper while walking in the night
  • got a love hug from Cristian, my big son.
Days like this I am in love with love for life. Good life with little pleasures.

What about you? What little pleasures did you enjoy lately?  


  1. That is such a cute video! I love this-I'm sharing this with some friends!


    Erin @ http://www.truffles-ruffles.com/

    1. Great! I share, you share and, like this, we can all be a little bit happier today

  2. I've heard about this video. So sweet! And that sounds like a great day!

    1. Yes, it was. Have a great weekend and thanks for the visit.