25 January 2013

Joy jar

This is a joy platform and they say "practice what you preach". However, some days, I would like a shoulder to complain on and cry about feeling exhausted. So, may I?! Just one time, this time?! I am overwhelmed by all the things I need to do and I think a double day would be the answer to all my time management problems. If one can have a double martini, why can't I have a double/48 hour day?!

Enough (complaining) is enough. When the road gets tough I like to think about things that can offer a joy boost. It's my imaginary friend, some sort of a joy jar that you attack to feel better about yourself and enjoy life. My joy jar has 4 items now cause one joy leads to another. Here is how I learned you can play feds and help solve real life crimes investigated by the Bureau. Feds= FBI agents

1. First step- Facebook

What? You read that right. I only recently become active on Facebook and I am surprised that I'm starting to like it. I enjoy the silent gossip , the status updates, the shared wisdom and pleasure. And I especially enjoy the likes and comments on my shared blog posts :)

2. A share on Facebook lead to inc.com/hidi.

Inc. is a business magazine and I particularly like the "How I did it" section. " Entrepreneurs tell the personal and sometimes emotional stories of how they came up with an idea, raised money, navigates a family or financial crisis or overcome other challenges". That's where I listened to Foursquare's Dennis Crowley story or watched carefully how Pete Cashmore founded Mashable. You noticed the listen over watch difference?! Well, girls, when there is such a pretty face "in front of you", the story becomes secondary and we leave it for the boys. Eye candy, anyone?

3. I couldn't say no to Pete so there I was on Mashable.

It covers not only social media and technology but also entertainment and lifestyle. I got the chance to see my favourite Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs here and also found What does the Sun sound like . I'm addicted already and I have been checking it every day since I discovered it.

4. Mashable was also where I found out that FBI teamed up with "White Collar" to get viewers to solve real crimes.

"White Collar" is my TV series of choice now. It grew on me and I was addicted somewhere in the middle of season 1. So, if you want to give it a try hang in there for the first episodes cause things are becoming more interesting with time. For the boys the story is simple: a con man becomes an FBI consultant. For the girls the story is even better cause Matt Bomer has a great smile and strong self confidence. Second round of eye candy, ladies?!

More details about how to play feds on Mashable and getglue.com

I hope you will enjoy my recommendations. 
What are your go-to joys these days when you want to loosen up?

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