10 January 2013

I bought a feeling

I bought a feeling today and it cost me 17 EUR/22 USD. According to Seth Godin, when you buy something on sale you buy the feeling of saving big. And who am I to argue?!

"Assuming it's not something they were shopping for in the first place...
The impulse big-sale buy is not a matter of acquiring a high value item they'll need later at a bargain price today. No, the consumer is spending money in exchange for the feeling, right now, of saving big. The joy of a bargain. The item is secondary, the feeling is what we just paid for." according to Godin

Bags are never secondary for me, Mr Godin, they are my favourite grown-up toys just like cars are for some men. I am always looking for bags even if I am not out shopping. So my feeling of joy came from the fact that I bought a nice bag at a very good price. Did I enjoy the 80% sale? Of course I did.

Here it is, my new winter bag, the burgundy furry. You can see my brown furry here together with my other 2 winter bags.

H&M bag
My Dali's "Meditative rose" print is right behind it. Godin wants to make us see that we can all be artists now. He is my favourite agent of change. If you want to touch others, connect and make art you can download his latest manifesto here. Enjoy!

Who inspires you these days?

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