4 January 2013

Furry, Blanky, Teddy

I got a bag...Actually I have several bags. Too many if you ask A or any other person in his right mind, not enough if you ask me. And why not? Lou Bega has a girl in every town according to his "I got a girl" song. I should be entitled to have a bag from every town I visit and I stand by my belief every time I travel. So that, in the bag and with the bag, I can bring home a little piece of that place. For more reasoning on my bag philosophy you can check this out.

In addition to my thoughts above I also think that bags should be season appropriate. What do I mean by that? For example I couldn't carry a rafia bag in winter just like I couldn't carry a furry one in summer. And with this intelligent sentence I concluded the speech on my bag philosophy.

Let's get down to visuals and voila my 3 winter bags in descending owning order:

This one is my Istanbul bag. I bought it from the Grand Bazaar 6 years ago. It's already vintage, isn't it?

This is an Accessorize bag A bought me as a marriage anniversary gift 5 years ago - actually our first anniversary of this kind. The material looks a little bit like a blanket and that's where the name came from

This is a Parfois bag that I liked from the moment I set eyes on it because of the teddy bears print. A. didn't agree at first but later on he indulged me and surprised me when he bought it "behind my back". It's the bag I wore last winter.

Since this year I don't have a new one I'm rotating them and they are very nice. But still, the winter is young...
To buy or not to buy! this is my shallow question now. If I will find one special enough to come home with me I'll let you know.

What about you? Do you have any special interests in bags? Any recent bags that caught your attention?

Have a spectacular weekend!

P.S. The names are only for this post sake. I am not that mad to name my bags. Not yet...

Later edit: not long after this post I brought a new burgundy furry home. Oh, joy! Oh happiness! You can see it here.

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