21 January 2013

A word away

How are you today? Chances are your day wasn't that great.
It's statistics and it's official: today is Blue Monday, the day when we feel at our lowest. Why? Red says is because of "feeling poor after the financial expense of Christmas (and still with a week to go till payday), failed New Year’s resolutions and minimal hours of daylight are all putting us in a bad mood". Don't worry, be happy! Monday is almost over and statistically the days can only get better.

Apparently I started early and had what seemed to be a not so good Sunday. I was not feeling very well, there was a lot of housework pending and and my little one was not very happy either. I guess toddlers have more than one blue day per year. He even managed to "transfer" the soup from his tummy to all over the dining floor. Did I manage to put this nicely?! If you're a mom this is easy to imagine. We had an emergency bath and after that it was time for the Sunday night manicure.

I was in the process of distracting him to get the job done and suggested he should call his brother who was in another room. Cristian was too hard for him but Kity was doable for my 18 month old. To my surprise Tudor started to repeat after me:
- Kity, Kity, Kity!
Oh joy, oh happiness! I dreamt of this ever since I was pregnant - the moment when he will call his big brother for the first time. After that he just went on and on, indulging me when we let everybody know about this: daddy, Cristian and we even called granny. We were all sooo happy!

Just like that the day become memorable. When you have kids happiness is just a word away! Or sometimes a hug, a smile, a kiss away...

Have a spectacular week! Things can only get better!

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