8 December 2012

Wanted: online shopping buddy

Here's the deal - I need 2 shopping buddies in order to have an extra 30% discount on mycloset.ro. Or just one that will order 2 products. Of course, buddies will have the discount also because for every 3 products ordered from the Kilipiruri section you get an extra 30% discount.

This section contains products that are last for each model so, for shoes, you need to search the ones that are your size and pick from them. Sometimes there are bags also, for example the one from my winter dreams post, but they disappear fast and you can later find them in other sections at a bigger price. The hunter boots from my burgundy post were bought from there and they came at a very good price.

I am asking because I want a pair of round toe lace-up oxfords:

Born Lisandra oxfords from mycloset

They have a medium heel, very easy to wear and I think they are kind of "all-seasons".

Anyone interested from Romania? If so, comment and let me know.

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