12 December 2012

Santa Claus is coming to town

Again about Santa, what can I do?! Not a letter, no consultancy services this time. Today Santa did come to town for a very special occasion, a kids party organized by A's employer.

I can hardly find the words to describe the feeling in the air. There was so much contagious, pure, sheer happiness that made me also very very happy. I get a similar feeling of fulfillment and joy only when traveling and discovering new fascinating places.

I guess there comes a time when a kids party makes one even happier than grown ups parties as fun as they can get. There was magic in the air, not only from the magician present there but from the joy in the kids eyes and smiles. Santa came to town and to the party bringing long waited for presents.

Here is my big son C saying his poem to Santa. He was a little bit puzzled at the beginning because Santa asked him to sing and he prepared a poem. I loudly "whispered" that he can recite his poem and everything went smoothly from that moment on:

The little one was also there, no poem this year, just having fun:

The biggest surprise came when the party was over and we saw the town was covered in snow.  Here is the fairy view from our balcony:

There was even an after-party at home: we unwrapped the presents, ate lollipops and we hugged to exchange love - this is what I like to say.

Like my son C once said "Mummy, it was a super, super night for us!"

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