12 December 2012

Red for the best things in life

I do like red colour but at the same time I am a huge fan of Red magazine. See, I refrain myslef of making any red- Christmas connections and talk about Santa again. I am a good girl today. Maybe Santa will bring me another gift. Anyway, let's stay focused here.

I already told you how much I love magazines. I told you that I like Vogue also but there is so much more to life than luxury.

Red brings me confidence and power, girl power. It is my favourite magazine in the world. This could be because I was very emotional and happy when I read my first Red. I was in maternity hospital right after my big son was born when my cousin brought it from a trip to London. Thanks a lot, Adina! We instantly connected and not long after, I bought a subscription. It is now my monthly pleasure and, since I don't know exactly the day it arrives, it's also a sort of surprise to have it "knocking on my door".

Red subscription is joy subscription because it holds to its promise and brings me the best things in life. Ready for yet another list of mine?! No, no, no not this time, I'm a good girl today* and focused.

The magazine is special from cover to cover and for its cover. It has minimum one for the issue on sale and another for subscriptions. The subscription cover is much more simple ( they don't need to convince you to buy the magazine anymore). Here below are January sale covers:

Source: redonline.co.uk
Source: redonline.co.uk
Regarding the content, I like it all starting with Sam Baker's editorials and the fashion edits. Moving on I have so much fun reading "Life's Rosie" articles that depict Rosie Green's life with her "Alpha Male". I am inspired by the success stories of women that pursued their passions and turned them into business and also by the articles teaching how to deal with life challenges. They give you a nice feeling that you are not alone "out there". And because I am not alone when I'm done reading Red, I get to "pay it forward" and give it to my dear friends.

For easier access, here are my top 3 Red on-line attractions:
1. Sam Baker's daily letter
2. In the news section
3. Life's Rosie

Got to go! Nigella is calling me. And who can say no to her! Maybe she can cook something for me?! It would be a nice change not to be the one serving dinner. Yeah, I know she's just on the cover but a girl can dream...

What is your favourite magazine? The one that makes you dream?

*I did write a list first, but changed it afterwards.


  1. thanks a lot for stopping by our blog. Interesting post. We like ELLE magazine and we are red passioned. Visit again our family and let us know how we could follow you back (gfc?)

    xo Lelli, italian fashion family

  2. I read Elle also, every month. I will surely visit you again cause you are a very nice family :)