18 December 2012

On books and life with Seth Godin

Let's get serious today, in an entertaining and nurturing way. I recently discovered Seth Godin and I am fascinated by him. The video I would like to share with you is really about life. It starts with a good talk about books and smoothly transitions into a valuable life lesson. First half of the video is about his editorial journey, a very inspiring success story. "A book is a souvenir of an idea. They're like old friends" says Mr Godin.

20 minutes into the interview you will realize how lucky you are. And that the only question left is "what do you want?". I already wrote about this - wanting the feeling, dreaming and creating it. I won't tell you more cause you'll be better discovering it on your own. I can just say that I feel luckier, more confident and wiser after this interview. So, whenever you have 40 minutes, give it a try and let me know your thoughts.

If you only have 2 minutes go to minute 35 to hear what good life means to Seth Godin:

"The most important thing is you get to decide what good is. And if you're living somebody's  else good life you're making a huge mistake"

Are you ready now to "go down the road"? What is a good life for you?

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