5 December 2012

It's complicated

"It's complicated" is a fine movie, not so complicated, just entertaining. Life is not always entertaining and when the road gets rough...it's time to shine. Being put together every day is sometimes also complicated. But sooo important to feel prepared for the challenges each day has to offer. It's like a modern days armor that you put on in the morning in order to feel strong and confident and pretty. Being put together for me is quite simple but with a great impact on my self-esteem.

Ready for another list of mine?! Here are my routine steps:
1. Wash hair
2. Blow dry hair with my head down; it does wanders for the volume if you don't have big hair
3. Paint nails
4. Find an interesting outfit/clothes combination to make me feel special
5. Put some heels on and some lip gloss
...and I am ready to conquer the world.

Yesterday, Garance was talking about the help she wants.  I really want an "in house" photographer and a new camera to make better pictures. Until then I only have a little spectator looking up at me. I just hope someday he will also look up to me.

I am wearing a brown dress layered with a short sleeved blue denim blouse. Denim is perfect for dressing down any outfit and making it more modern as the dress seemed too "classy" for me. Making time for oneself always pays off.

What about you? What makes you feel confident and pretty? I would love to know.

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