7 December 2012

Happy birthday, Mr. President!

I am no Marlyn Monroe, he is no president but we are having an affair. A legalized one, a marriage. Marriages - don't even get me started on this. Marriages are the most complicated thing I've ever known. Is it just me, is somebody else out there feeling the same? My husband infuriates me sometimes up to the point I lose control and I wanna run for my freedom. Freedom to be "nobody's wife". But it all fades away within the same day as I see no point in being sad and frustrated.

In the evening, when he comes home things begin to settle. We have a great family and we are here to stay for better or for worse. I love my husband because:
1. "he-who-indulges-all-my-whims" brings me the best presents. The expression comes from my favourite french teacher that I follow daily through her blog onequalitythefinest.
Latest surprise from A was the Ronnefeldt tea he brought me the day after my winter dreams post.

2. he makes beautiful boys - that's his saying when he asks for forgiveness whenever he upsets me.

From the 1st of December Parade

3. he  makes me feel beautiful when I see myself through his eyes.

Happy birthday, A! You complete me!

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