14 December 2012

Curves have more fun

I find some curvy woman very sexy. Don't get me wrong, I look up to the fitted women and admire their bodies. Some days I wish I were like them but obviously I'm not. Still, I think some women that are not that thin are so voluptuous. And not in the Beyonce way cause she is not really my type. Let's put it like this: I prefer Khloe over Kim. I am talking about the Kardashian sisters, of course you know that. If not, don't worry, you haven't lost anything.

A picture speaks a thousand words so let's get down to visuals. My favourites are, in no particular order:

1.Caro Emerald - I find her music so entertaining with a sexy and retro feel to it

2. Christina Hendricks -you may know her from Mad Men. I guess you can easily be mad about her.

Source: thesun.co.ulkthesun
 3. Adele - she's simply Adele. Great singer, songwriter who recently became a mother. She does seem to have it all, doesn't she?! She surely deserves it.

4.  Sara Ramirez from Grey's Anatomy. Did you know that her first role in television was as Rose the cashier in You've Got Mail (1998).

Source: www.last.fm

5. Nigella Lowson - last but not least. I just found out that she paired with Anthony Bourdain for an ABC cooking show. How cool is that!!!

© David Gubert/Red Magazine

Do you like curvy women?  Whether you do or don't doesn't really matter. What matters is to like yourself and enjoy life with all the great meals it has to offer.

Do you have any "cooking plans" for this weekend?

Have a spectacular one!

P.S. You can see the latest Sartorialist take on curvy women here.

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