21 December 2012

Cream crush

Face creams and lottery

 Finding a good face cream for winter weather is like winning the lottery. Don't see the connection between the 2?! I'll lay it out for you:
1. you have to try over an over again until you find the lucky one - chances of winning are slim
2. trying means spending money and if you don't succeed the first time (as the majority of us, the immortals, do) you will end up spending a lot of money
3. the downside is you may never win
4. if you're lucky enough and buy the winning ticket you can stop playing the game and just enjoy the "consequences"

Potion for sensitive and dry skin

Just like face moisturisers, good pharmacists are hard to find. As soon as you find the pharmacist the chances to find the right cream increases.

I just finished my Vichy cream which was not so winter appropriate, but rather summer light and went to the pharmacy. There was a very nice lady there who looked at me and did her magic by introducing me to Ivtherm. Ivatherm is a Romanian brand manufactured in France using Romanian  Herculane thermal spring water. It has a calming and anti-irritant effect so it was a perfect match for my dry and sensible skin.

I bought Ivatherm Multi-performance hydrating cream for the day, Ivatherm  UNA anti-aging face cream for the night and  UNA anti-aging eye contour cream . The other products in the back were magazine gifts : cleansing milk, lotion micellaire, body cream I already had at home.

We are getting along just fine. Since it is very cold outside and windy I am using the multi-performance cream for night also and it seems to be working, my face is more relaxed. Since we know each other for a few weeks now it's just a crush. Time will tell if our thing will last.

Other crushes

Until we "meet" again enjoy this "Crush" from Jennifer Page. Remember her? I used to like this a lot in my teen years.

Have a spectacular weekend!

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