24 December 2012

Christmas Caroling

Being a mom of small kids aged 1 and 4, one of my focuses now is building traditions. Starting from trivial things like having polenta for lunch on Sunday or eggs for weekend breakfasts to bigger national traditions. Caroling on the evening of  23rd of December is a big tradition in Romania so me and my boys went door to door singing carols in our neighborhood. We had joy, we had fun...

Here is the story the way I remember it:

The unbearable wait for the group to gather. I had to take the boys out because they were too excited to wait at home

After the group gathered, we got the party started with some fireworks

Singing carols from door to door

The carolers received small gifts : pretzels, candies, fruits, chocolate bars, sometimes even money

The "harvest" we brought home at my parents' house as we are spending Christmas in my hometown

The boys were very proud to see their gifts

Finally having some rest and a biscuit, but they were up and running again in no time

I wish you all a great week with lots of nice stories to be shared!

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