16 November 2012

Victoria's Secret

Little girls dream about being a princess. Big girls with big dreams fantasize about being an angel. And not any angel, but a Victoria's Secret one. Ok, maybe looks are not that important to you. But still, one can hope to have the same ravishing effect on the significant other just like the V's angels have on men.

If you are interested in their secrets I have one to share, from Jourdan Dunn, via Garance. You may know her from 2012 Summer Olympics closing ceremony, where she was one of the British models wearing bespoke fashions created by British designers specifically for the event. 2012 is also her first year as V's angel.

Back to the secret- it's not about what she eats, although she has a cooking show, it's about her style. When asked about her wardrobe essentials she said:

"Every woman should have a wooly hat for those bad hair days. I’ve been wearing them quite a lot so people probably think I always have bad hair days, but I just think they are really cool as well."

So it happens that I recently bought a wooly hat to help me transition from fall to winter. I felt a little bit like an angel when I read her answer. And if you wander how I look, tadaaa:

Parfois hat
It keeps me warm outside. Moreover, I always associate it with the V's angels so it kind of makes me feel good. I put it on, wings pop out, I feel confident and ready to walk the walk, talk the talk...

For more inspiration on wooly hats check this out from pinterest.

Do you have any hat to make you feel like an angel?

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