7 November 2012

Une muse

Baroness Renée-Irana Frachon served as the model for "La muse endormie" by Brancusi. 100 years ago, having the same inspiration, he modeled "Une Muse". Today Christie's will be auctioning this for an estimated price of 10 to 15 million dollars. I felt very proud to be Romanian when I heard this.
Source: Christie's
Nowadays muses are as beautiful and interesting as ever. This is the reason why I wish I were an artist or Scott Schuman (the Sartorialist) who was there to take this picture. He is a modern artist and one of a kind too. The picture looks like Gauguin meets Brancusi to me.

Source: The Sartorialist

Even though I'm not a painter nor a sculptor my muses are: Natalia Vodianova and Naomi Campbell. I believe they complement each other nicely like salt and pepper, yin and yang, black and white...

Photograph by Paolo Roversi
Source: ebay.com

Do you have any beauties that "inspire" you?

Later edit: "Une muse" was sold for $12,402,500

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